pNetwork Community Association

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pNetwork Community Association is a Swiss association led by community members who are long-term supporters of pNetwork as a technology, token and protocol.
Born on December 9th, 2022, it aims to contribute to the development, growth and education of anything pNetwork related.pNetwork is a protocol that enables cross-chain operations, such as transferring assets from one blockchain to another. It is designed to provide interoperability between different blockchain networks, allowing users to take advantage of the unique features and capabilities of each network while still being able to access and use their assets on other networks.


The activities the association would like to organize include:
  • Providing a reserved area for members of the pNetwork community to collaborate, share ideas, and discuss the future direction the protocol could take
  • Supporting the development of new features and capabilities for the pNetwork protocol
  • Proposing ideas vetted by its members to the wider pNetwork community via the pNetwork DAO
  • Engaging with other blockchain projects and communities to foster collaboration and partnerships
  • Working with infrastructure providers to increase the adoption and use of pNetwork-powered assets
  • Educating the broader blockchain community about the benefits and capabilities of the pNetwork protocol
  • Organizing events, meetups, and other community-building activities to promote the pNetwork community and its goals


The vision of the Association is to make pNetwork more decentralized, with a more inclusive and transparent approach. The roadmap is aligned with this vision and it is based on three main pillars:
  1. Decentralization - via pNetwork v3
  1. Community-driven approach - via pNetwork DAO v2
  1. Further interoperability - via new cross-chain features and new integrations
Browse the complete and updated roadmap at the link below:

How to become a member

Becoming a member gives you access to the association channels and to its activities. The membership fee is 60 CHF/year, paid with the PNT tokens.

Collaborate with us

Are you looking for ways to collaborate with the association?
The only official addresses of the association are 0x9cB4a799d5C68D5CDd00699a145351f4c6BAe42C and 0xf1f6568a76559d85cF68E6597fA587544184dD46