Roadmap (old)

Roadmap (old)

The pNetwork Community Association is proud to share its proposed pNetwork Roadmap!
The pNetwork Community Association aims to contribute to the development and growth of pNetwork and is vocal of pNetwork’s and PNT's long-term supporters.
The vision of the Association is to make pNetwork more decentralized, with a more inclusive and transparent approach. The roadmap is aligned with this vision and it is based on three main pillars:
  1. Decentralization - via pNetwork v3
  1. Community-driven approach - via the new pNetwork DAO
  1. Further interoperability - via new cross-chain features and new integrations
Anyone can join the association, you can apply here.

pNetwork v3

pNetwork v3 is a new proposed architecture for pNetwork, which will make the protocol truly decentralized and more secure overall - the system is safe as long as there is at least 1 honest participant.
In 2022 pNetwork v2 focused on scalability, from 2023 pNetwork v3 focus on decentralization.

New pNetwork DAO

The pNetwork DAO is of vital importance for the decentralization of the protocol.
The new DAO has unleash new features, an enhanced $PNT tokenomics, better accessibility for nodes and much more, with the intent to make pNetwork truly community-driven.

The detailed activities and milestones we intend to achieve are listed below by quarters.
Depending on the progress of work, and when more knowledge becomes available, more details will be added to the Roadmap.
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Q1 2024

  • pNetwork v3 - Audit & Review
    • Audit of the Logic and Architecture
      Codebase audit
      Fix problems found by auditors
      Release of helpers to facilitate component deployment
      Integration for the BTC adapter
      Gnosis’ Hashi adapter to use pNetwork v3 as an oracle
  • New pNetwork dApp
    • New revamped design
      Global history of cross-chain transactions
      Real-time status page for transactions
  • New pNetwork DAO
    • Release of the new official DAO (v3) on Gnosis chain
      Migration of the pNetwork nodes from the current DAO to the new DAO
      Add more details and stats about voters, lenders and borrowing nodes

Q2 2024

  • pNetwork v3 - Official launch following the audit
    • Continue auditing activities
      Launch of the first EVM v3 bridges on mainnet
      Start upgrading v2 bridges to v3
  • Market v3 features to highlight competitive advantages
    • Use these advantages to form long-term partnerships with new chains and projects

Q3 2024

  • pNetwork v3 - New integration and improvements
    • PoC for the integration of EOS-like chains
      Fastline support to accelarate transactions

Q4 2024

  • TBD

The milestones planned for the 2023 have been achieved! Check
Periodic updates
for more details! Browser the full 2023 roadmap below:
Roadmap 2023

Q1 2023

  • pNetwork v3 - First steps
    • Publish the pNetwork v3 whitepaper - More info
      Modelling the architecture: decentralized, optimistic swap proposals and multi-provers
      Definition of new actors and their roles
      Start work on all the new components for the MVP
  • pNetwork DAO v2 - BETA Release
    • Launch of the new DAO dApp in a fully decentralized manner (ENS + IPFS) - More info
      Functionality to easily open DAO proposals straight from the DAO dApp - More info
      New PNT lending-borrowing mechanism within the DAO
      Lock period management for lenders
      Option to become a node with borrowed PNT
      Node registration within the new DAO dApp
      Release BETA - first launch - More info
  • pTokens dApp
    • Cross-chain swap for other wrapped Bitcoin tokens - WBTC on Ethereum support within the dApp and ptokens.js - More info
      Launch of the pTokens dApp in a fully decentralized manner (ENS + IPFS) - More info

Q2 2023

  • pNetwork v3 - MVP
    • Complete activities on MVP components
      MVP launch - with limited functionalities on a new, decentralized bridge - More info
  • pNetwork DAO v2 - Full Release
    • Epochs automatic closing and reopening
      Node protocol rewards automatic distribution
      DAO dApp improvements - More info

Q3 2023

  • pNetwork v3 - BETA Release
    • Continue the work on v3 actors (Guardians and Sentinels) and their components
      Full registration of v3 actors to ensure that all components are functioning properly
      Security checks for actors (introduction of “slots”, “keep-alive” verifications, etc)
      Improve the overall system, based on experience gained on the MVP release
      Support of Protocol Fees (for Sentinels and Guardians)
      Support of Network Fees (for relayers)
      Add more node operators/actors on the BETA v3 bridge(s)
  • pNetwork DAO - More features
    • Multi-chain support
      DAO v2 general improvements

Q4 2023

  • pNetwork v3 - pre-audit release
    • Update of MVP bridges to BETA - More info
      Implement monitoring system for key v3 components
      Release the new dApp - TRY the new dApp
      Release the new pTokens.js
      Discontinue inactive v1 and v2 bridges - More info
  • pNetwork DAO - Integration with pNetwork v3
    • Integrate pNetwork v3 logic within the DAO
      DAO vote in case of disputes between actors
  • DeFi ecosystem
    • Gnosis’ Hashi adapter to use pNetwork v2 as an oracle - More info

Continuous activities

  • Improve security/audit coverage
  • Improve monitoring systems for v3 actors
  • Add/improve users’ insurance coverage options
  • Looking for external funds and strategies to replenish the DAO treasury
  • Further integrations to boost volumes and adoption

*Ensure there is sufficient liquidity in DAO v2 to secure DAO and protocol
Periodic updates