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Roadmap 2023
Roadmap 2023

Update of August 24rd, 2023

  • We've unveiled the vision for pure decentralization in pNetwork v3, detailed in a blogpost.
  • Following the launch of pNetwork v3 MVP, several key developments have occurred:
    • The Sentinel has been ported to run inside the Strongbox TEE, enhancing security.
    • The Challenger has been introduced, a new actor who oversees the behavior of Sentinels and Guardians, to enforce good Quality of Service and system’s security.
    • Fees for Relayers are now supported.
    • Host-to-host ptoken transfers are now available thanks to the support of an interim chain used for routing.
  • pNetwork dApp updates include:
    • Support for WalletConnect v2 has been added.
    • Custom RPC endpoints are now supported.
    • Added support for Algorand’s Defly Wallet.
    • More details on GitHub.
  • Since the release of pNetwork DAO v2 in open beta, several improvements have been made, including:
    • Presets support for the auto execution logic of voting proposals, facilitating the submission of advanced proposals by non technical users.
    • Bug fixes and general improvements

Update of July 3rd, 2023

  • Successfully released pNetwork v3 MVP, which allows to bridge USDC from Gnosis chain to Arbitrum (screenshot 🖼️) The codebase can be found here.
  • The implementation of a $10 minimum protocol fee has been introduced for all pNetwork v2 bridges, resulting in a doubling of the protocol revenue (fully distributed to pNetwork node operators). It is crucial for the stability and security of the pNetwork that the protocol generates enough revenue to compensate the nodes for their services.

Update of May 18th, 2023

  • Successfully transferred TKN test tokens from Ethereum Testnet Sepholia to Polygon Testnet Mumbai via pNetwork v3 (Sepolia → Mumbai user request and execution. - This is a significant achievement towards the goal of delivering the first v3 MVP bridge by the end of Q2.
  • Implemented the governance-message-relayer, capable of verifying on Ethereum that a given DAO message has been issued on Polygon and propagating it to other chains using Telepathy. More info on GitHub.
  • Launched the pNetwork DAO Test Drive initiative, a gamified quest programme for testers of the new pNetwork DAO v2: engage with the DAO, submit feedback and earn points for a chance to win PNT and other prizes.
  • Deployed several pNetwork dApp updates, including:
    • Thirdweb implementation to quickly deploy new dApp versions on IPFS without manual pinning.
    • Implementation of a github action to automatically create a new dApp release at each main branch merge.

Update of April 7th, 2023

  • Released the new pNetwork DAO v2 in open beta, with a bunch of new features that aim to: - reward active participants, - reduce accessibility barriers for node operators - improve PNT tokenomics, - enhance pNetwork governance and enable wider participation in pNetwork decision-making.
    • These goals are achieved thanks to a built-in PNT lending mechanism, which provides organic rewards to stakers who lend their PNT within the DAO, and at the same time allows wannabe nodes to borrow the required PNT.
      The DAO v2 is available on Polygon, Ethereum and BNB chain.
      More information here.
  • Published the audit of the whole pNetwork codebase performed by CertiK

Update of February 16th, 2023

  • Released the new interface for the pNetwork DAO (v1), which include useful charts, the ability to open DAO votes, an activity log and various UX improvements. Check it out here: https://dao-app.p.network
  • Revamp of the pNetwork official website, browse it here: https://p.network/
    • See a preview
      notion image

Update of January 24th, 2023

  • Released the cross-chain swap feature for other wrapped Bitcoin tokens, specifically WBTC on Ethereum can now be bridged to pBTC on several other chains.
  • Launch of the pTokens dApp in a fully decentralized manner (ENS + IPFS)